Komatsu 370E
The Komatsu 370E is designed for use in both harvesters and track machines improving reliability and productivity benefits. This can be explained by the whole new saw unit with a new engine and new assembly bar. The new engine provides a more efficient cutting function and the more robust design.

Komatsu S82
Both agile and light, while still strong and compact, with an unsurpassable high capacity. This is the combination that characterizes the drive of the two rollers in the Komatsu S82´s head. This makes it very effective for refinement in challenging work.

Komatsu 855
A powerful drive system, a high performance crane and a wide load area combined with simple operation. These are the keys to the high productivity offered by the Komatsu 855. Their strength comes from a large reserve capacity which is the result of a single interaction.

Komatsu 895
A giant, both in size and productivity. It also provides maximum efficiency from the environmental, ergonomic and maintenance stance. This combination, which once seemed impossible, is now a reality thanks to the new Komatsu 895. As a result, you get a whole new category of Forwarder.

Komatsu 911
The Komatsu 911 leverages its capacity with maximum energy efficiency and intelligence. The new and unique hydraulic 3 pump- system, which always provides an optimum hydraulic capacity and allows you to work faster without using more driving force, which would consume fuel.

Komatsu PC 200F
The KOMATSU PC 200F-8 harvester is an equipment with unparalleled advantages, very robust and productive. It comes from the KOMATSU Brazil production line and is already adapted for forestry use and ready for the field. This machine provides high productivity and low operating costs.

Feller Buncher PC350

Cargador de troncos Komatsu PC200LL