Malwa 560C
El Malwa 560C (Combi) es una máquina que combina un Harvester y un Forwarder en una sola máqiuna de gran versatilidad.

Komatsu 895
A giant, both in size and productivity. It also provides maximum efficiency from the environmental, ergonomic and maintenance stance. This combination, which once seemed impossible, is now a reality thanks to the new Komatsu 895. As a result, you get a whole new category of Forwarder.

Komatsu 855
A powerful drive system, a high performance crane and a wide load area combined with simple operation. These are the keys to the high productivity offered by the Komatsu 855. Their strength comes from a large reserve capacity which is the result of a single interaction.

Malwa 560F
Autocargador Forwarder Malwa modelo 560F