Morbark Tub Grinder 950
Used for smaller volume operations, it is compact and easy to carry. This long-term machine is ideal for converting yard waste, wood and other mixed wood raw materials into commercial products. The 950 is equipped with a actuation line protection system that protects against catastrophic damage.

Morbark Drum Chippers 3036
MORBARK offers a full line for chipping complete shanks with multiple variations, the DRUM CHIPPER 3036 model is highly aggressive and productive, has a high rate of chip production and was designed to provide the power and features needed to maximize production and improve its profitability.

Morbark M12RX
The BEEVER M12RX chipper is inexpensive, powerful, compact and easy to maneuver and transport. This is the ideal machine for city arboriculture, machinery rental agencies, maintenance of green spaces, among others.

Morbark M20R Forestry
The BEEVER FORESTRY M20R chipper is the largest of the MORBARK produced series. It is a very versatile, robust and high-performance model. It is a very aggressive chipper and the perfect choice for those looking to enter the biomass market with low initial costs.

Morbark Woodhog 3200
Designed for wood and green waste processing, the Morbark 3200 Wood Hog is a compact and aggressive horizontal mulcher. Small, lightweight and more affordable, with all the benefits of our greatest equipments, the 3200 can handle green waste, mulchingsawmill waste, pallets.

43 PRO
Hakki Pilke 43 Pro es una astilladora de origen finlandes muy versatil que permite astillar troncos de hasta 430 mm de diámetro y 600 mm de largo.